Note, that the present online help describes only the differences from DAEMON Tools Pro because the basic functionalities of these products are the same.

DAEMON Tools Net is software for simple multimedia data server organization. Build centralized storage of CD, DVD, Blu-ray images and manage user access within home or business networks with DAEMON Tools Net.

Network Manager

Network Manager is a mandatory component of DAEMON Tools Net infrastructure which performs two features:

  • License Server handles license activation and validation so Data Servers and Clients are not required to have live Internet connection to work.
  • Deployment Center enables to install Clients on remote workstations.


Client is designed to use Data Server resources. All common DAEMON Tools Pro features are available to users:

  • Emulation. Add up to 16 DT, 16 SCSI and 4 IDE virtual devices.
  • Working with disc images. Create, edit, convert, manage and burn.
  • DAEMON Tools Gadget, etc.

Data Server

Data Server offers all functionality available in Client and provides specific server features:

iSCSI Server

Each DAEMON Tools Net data server enables you to create up to 16 iSCSI targets. You can share physical and virtual devices using iSCSI targets and mount them with image files. DAEMON Tools Net clients can connect to any iSCSI network device and use its content as if there was a disc inserted into a real drive.

Image Sharing

DAEMON Tools Net enables you to share all images on the server via Shared Image Catalog. So any DAEMON Tools Net client accesses the images to mount, edit and burn their content as if they were on a local computer.