It allows to change the following settings:

ISCSI Device Parameters

  • Target Alias — alias name for the target, by default TargetName-[target number]. For example: TargetName-0.
  • Target Name — full iSCSI target name according to iSCSI protocol specification. For example:
  • Max connections — displays number of maximum allowed connections to the target.
  • Active Connections — active connections counter.
  • Login and Password — specifies user name and password to enable CHAP secret authentication for the target.
  • Source — displays full path of disc image file mounted to the target or drive letter of virtual\physical device which is shared through this target.
  • Media topology emulation — enables reading delays for the virtual drive due to physical topology information. It allows to emulate data reading operation more strictly. The option is supported for MDS/MDF or MDX disc images only.